Construction Management/ Commissioning/ Owner’s Rep

Commissioning Services
Design Build Services
Community Outreach
XBE compliance and monitoring

Underground Utility Specialists with over 40 years of experience

  • Telecommunications
    • Conduit
    • Direct Fiber
    • Manholes
    • CEVs (Controlled Enviornmental Vaults
    • Large Multi Duct Banks
  • Gas Distribution
    • New main and service installation
    • Service Retirement
    • Leak detection
    • Directional drilling
  • Water and Sewer
    • New mains and services
    • Open cut excavation
    • Small and large diameter installation
    • Leak repair
    • Vacuum excavation
  • JobSite Inspections and Assessments
  • Project Specific Safety Plans
  • Safety Program Development
  • HDPE Pipe Fusion Certified

Directional Drilling & Vacuum Excavation

  • Excavating Remotely at Long Distance
  • Exposure of Live Gas Distribution Lines
  • Utility and Pipe Location
  • Utility Excavation
  • Excavation in Frozen Ground
  • Directional Drilling
  • Pipe and Line Installation
  • Potholing, Slot Trenching, Waterline Repair, Valve Box Clean Out, Sign and Pole Installation

Restaurant Facilities

  • New Renovations
  • Upgrade Programs